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Custom Cannabis Packaging | CBD Packaging

Cannabis and CBD related products are in high demand. A premium product deserves a premium appearance. Spectrum makes custom cannabis packaging and CBD packaging that elevate your brand. Entice your audience with the unforgettable selection of colors, textures, specialty papers and NEW hemp infused products expertly made by our partners at Neenah paper and available from Spectrum Lithograph.

Custom cannabis packaging and CBD packaging from Spectrum serves two purposes: to protect the freshness and quality of the product inside, and to identify your brand to consumers. The wide choice of materials and the expertise and creativity of our designers will help you present your product as you would like to have it presented. The look, style, and feel of the packaging gives the consumer a sense of how the producer approaches the cultivation, care, and extraction of their product.

Think of Spectrum Lithograph when sourcing premium cannabis packaging.

Services include, but are not limited to

Vape Pens Packaging

Vape Cartridge Packaging

Topical Packaging

Edibles Packaging

Flower Packaging

Pre-roll Packaging

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