Rigid Setup Boxes

Consumers recognize rigid setup boxes from those times they’ve splurged on a gift set of fine crystal glasses or brought home their newest phone. It’s true that rigid setup boxes are often associated with high-end luxury packaging. They can create a display in themselves the way they cradle a product to show it at its best advantage.

Rigid boxes also create a sense of security: they can provide places for each part of a product, nestling them securely in their individual compartments. Open the box, and you may see a product that displays itself beautifully. Various materials and closures are available to create that unique, open-box experience.

Spectrum makes gift boxes, boxes that have hinged lids with magnets, cigar and book-style boxes, and 2 piece lid/base boxes, as well as slipcases and more. Contact Spectrum to learn how our designers and our manufacturing processes and materials can create the perfect box for your products.