In today’s times, it has become more practical to ship items rather than hand-deliver them. Almost anything can be shipped out in a box, and you can find a box of any size and shape to accomplish this task. It is possible to send a perishable food item, a fragile glass product, or even a mattress for your bed. There are few limits on the things you can send out to another in a box.

If you need to ship something, there is a box that will work for you. The trick may be in figuring out how to measure a box and finding the right fit. Box designs for packaging vary, and before packaging your item, you need to find that relevant box that will safely ship your items.

Box Designs for Packaging and How to Measure for Your Needs

Box designs for packaging have two measurements. The interior and exterior both have to be considered. If you look at one of the most common boxes used that measures 16″x12″x12″ on the inside, you will find its outside measures 16 3/8″x12 3/8″x 12 5/8″. While these numbers are close, it is essential to choose your box designs for packaging as the one that will define holding your item. When it comes to packing an object inside a box, a half-inch can make a significant difference.

When you see box sizes listed as a means of measurement, it typically refers to space inside the box. Box designs for packaging will list their measurements in the order of length, width, and height of the box’s interior space. Should you need a custom box, you will want to measure to the closest 1/10th of an inch to find the right fit. This measurement is very precise, so be sure to double-check your numbers before ordering.

Box Designs for Packaging and How Shipping Cost is Determined

Shipping costs on box designs for packaging will vary between the different services. You can estimate shipping costs by using specific box size guidelines, but should anything fall outside those guidelines; you may experience higher shipping costs.

Once you’ve chosen one of the many box designs for packaging, placed your items inside, and taped the box securely, you need to measure the outside of the box. The exterior’s size will tell the shipper how much volume your box will take up in their truck.

Box Designs for Packaging and How They are Built

There are hundreds of box designs for packaging to choose from when shipping an item. The box designs for packaging have to accommodate the variety of products shipped and their needs to be shipped safely. If you are a retailer, it is especially vital to your brand’s appearance to have both the safest box and an attractive box to send your products to consumers.

There are numerous box designs for packaging, but the winning combination of getting your products out safely and making your customers happy is what makes selecting the right box a challenge.

  • Folding Carton Boxes

Most retail boxes that are seen lining the shelves are folding carton boxes. These boxes hold food, cosmetics, personal care, electronics, health, vitamins, and more. The carton box is one of the most well-known, but it is not intended as a shipping box.

  • Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are constructed of three layers to give them the strength needed for durability during shipping. These are box designs for packaging items you want to be shipped safely, such as appliances or electronics. Corrugated boxes come in four separate builds:

  1. Single face- The single face is a single sheet of fiberboard that is glued to a single corrugated medium.
  2. Single wall- The single wall is the most basic, everyday corrugated box. There are two layers of fiberboard glued to both sides of a corrugated medium.
  3. Double-wall- The double-wall adds an additional layer of protection.
  4. Triple-wall- The triple-wall is one of the most heavy-duty boxes. It has an additional layer of fiberboard and corrugated medium to its construction

Where to Find Help with Box Designs for Packaging

Spectrum Lithograph Incorporated has years of experience helping you find the perfect box designs for packaging all your items. We are ready to help you through the complete process, from designing the ideal package to delivering it to the right address.

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