A contract packager is a company providing packaging services. A contract packager is also referred to as a co packer, and they are specialists who focus on specific methods of packaging, such as blister sealing or shrink wrapping in the packaging and manufacturing industry. These specialists use very sophisticated high-speed machines, or some perform the packaging through manual labor.

Packaging and Manufacturing Industry and Contract Packagers

Contract packaging is a strategic business solution for the packaging and manufacturing industry. The reasons for utilizing this service include:

  • Decreased time-to-market
  • Increased flexibility
  • Right sizing
  • Cost reduction

Your company will want to consider using contract packaging if:

  • Your packaging volume is over your ability to properly pack out and distribute
  • As a short-term requirement that you don’t currently have correct machinery for
  • Short promotions or runs
  • Plant closings
  • When current packaging needs are too labor-intensive
  • When you need to meet regulatory requirements

When considering the use of a contract packager, you will need to factor in their location, how much experience they have, and how whether or not the service is financially stable. It is recommended you get references before signing a work contract and ensure they have adequate staffing and equipment.

The five-step approach to qualifying a contract packager for your company includes:
1. Begin by locating possible candidates either through the directory service or the internet
2. Conduct phone interviews to either qualify or disqualify the candidates
3. Send a written vendor survey to the list of potentials that includes factors, such as ISO or GMP status
4. Perform an on-site visit and audit of their facilities
5. Make an evaluation and communicate the project to the contract packager

Your personal feelings on how the contract packager presents themselves and their services are just as important as the facts you will gain from these five steps.

Packaging and Manufacturing Industry Using Contract Packaging

The packaging and manufacturing industry has begun using contract packaging services more in recent years. Whether you have a start-up company or are a Fortune 100 business, there are factors to keep in mind when deciding which contract packaging service to use.

The Service is Resourceful- Packaging and manufacturing companies need to have assurance their packaging partner is a problem solver as well as competent and innovative. There is more to being a contract packaging service than just the high-tech machinery used. As the packaging and manufacturing industry becomes more complex with required certifications, retail packaging requirements, and labeling specifications, you want a service specializing and understanding each phase of the process.

The Service is Capable- You don’t want to take for granted that every service has the personnel, workspace, and machinery necessary to complete your project. You do not want to commit to any packaging contractor until you know that they possess the capability and capacity to handle your program.

The Service is Flexible- With the packaging and manufacturing industry, changes are inevitable. You want a flexible contractor who will guarantee they can respond fast if a change comes up in the middle of a project. You should make sure you fully understand how the packaging contractor will handle challenges on your behalf should they present during your project.

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